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Surveillance Services

Nationwide Investigations provide a wide range of surveillance services throughout the UK and abroad. Surveillance is often an important element in many aspects of an investigation.

Our agents and consultants with previous military and police surveillance services experience have available the latest 'hi-tech' covert GPS Real-time tracking devices, video and photographic equipment.

For mobile operations, a team of at least two operatives will typically be deployed, allowing for one car driver and one footman. For surveillance in urban areas, an additional footman is often required, this will rule out any chance of the target escaping by taking another form of transport such as the Underground, Taxi or a Bus.

If static surveillance is required, one operative in a surveillance vehicle will usually suffice, but if there is no suitable location for parking a vehicle, two or more foot operatives may be needed.

Full detailed reports together with images are provided to clients which can be used in evidence both in Civil and Criminal Court proceedings.

We have specialised surveillance vehicles for static and mobile surveillance operations where premises and people have to be observed for many hours.

At Nationwide Investigations we conduct all surveillances lawfully, always considering Human Rights and where applicable RIPA.