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Professional Witness Services

The role of our Professional Witness Service is to provide dedicated surveillance and expert witnesses to Housing Associations throughout the UK. We provide a nationwide professional witness service through our associated offices.

Our Professional Witness Services have and still continue to provide Professional Witnesses. We have achieved results and obtained evidence in different circumstances where others have not wished to testify. Our surveillance operators are absolute professionals and as such are very well trained, experienced and skilled.

Close observation and presentation is a specialist skill and we are exact with whom we employ. A Professional Witness must have an understanding of law and human rights legislation as well as how to present documentary or corroborated evidence as well as statements.

We work with Councils, Housing Associations and Corporate Bodies and we have proven that we can obtain results in very difficult circumstances.

Anti-social behaviour (ASB) is a term which covers a range of issues from serious violence and harassment to more everyday incidents and situations like noisy dogs or rubbish dumping. The definition of ASB is “Any activity that causes alarm, distress or harassment to the individual or the community”.

ASB includes the following

  • all types of harassment including verbal and physical abuse and threats, whatever the motivation
  • racial and other kinds of harassment motivated by someone’s age, disability, faith or sexual orientation (which is known as hate crime)
  • drug misuse, alcohol-related nuisance and prostitution
  • vandalism, graffiti and damage to property
  • noise nuisance at high levels, unreasonable hours or continuous environmental health issues
  • other nuisance like dumping rubbish, dog fouling, uncontrolled pets, car repairs, dangerous parking and abandoned cars.

We see first hand how people lives have been affected, by ASB and the affects it has on families and their quality of life. The good news is we can and have helped to witness some of these ASB's, as they were happening, and as a direct result, action has been taken against the perpetrator or perpetrators and the problems have stopped, or moved away.

This could result in written warnings being issued, or legal action being taken against the perpetrator or perpetrators. That is where we play a vital role in giving witness statements and or attending court to give evidence, if required to do so.

Typically we get a telephone call, where we briefly discuss our organization and what we could do for the potential client. We then set up a meeting, to discuss the case or cases.

We discuss in great detail the full history of the ongoing and or, most recent problems reported by the victim or alleged victim, and who the possible perpetrator or perpetrators are, if known. It is imperative that we know the full history of the case before commencing with our services